Hot Tub Services

R&D Plumbing & Heating is your trusted partner when it comes to all your Beachcomber needs!

Beachcomber Hot Tub jets


We pride ourselves on offering a comprehensive range of services, including hot tub installation, delivery, repairs, and diagnosing issues. Our team of highly skilled technicians is well-versed in the Beachcomber systems, ensuring a seamless and efficient installation process. Whether you need a new Beachcomber hot tub delivered to your doorstep or require prompt repairs and diagnostics, we've got you covered.

As a special service to our customers, we also provide water testing! Bring a sample of your hot tub water into R&D Plumbing & Heating and we can run it through our analysis machine to find out which chemicals you need to balance your water. 

Additionally, we understand that customer convenience is paramount, which is why we will travel all across the Lakeland area to provide our services. Contact us to find out if you’re within our service area! At R&D Plumbing and Heating, your satisfaction is our top priority, and we are committed to delivering the highest quality service for all your Beachcomber needs.